Add Concentrated Cleaning Solution of Bissell 2x

Choosing The Cleaning Mode

Now is the time to start cleaning, but before initiating this process, you must select a mode specified for the type of cleaning you want to do. In Bissell Proheat 2x, you will get three cleaning modes such as:

After choosing a particular cleaning mode, push the power button to switch On your machine. For reclining, there is already an option available. Just press it and start cleaning your carpet.

Cleaning With Bissell Proheat

Below the handle, you will find a trigger; by pressing the handle, water starts spraying from the front of the brush roll. While pressing the trigger, the water spray will stop.

Squeeze the trigger area when moving at the carpet surface that needs cleaning, and press the release to withdraw the trigger. Keep doing it gently to pick water and repeat it over the same area until the clean water starts coming out.

Squeeze all the water out of the carpet and move towards the other dirty areas. After some time, you will hear some weird noises when the dirt water tank will overfill. You need to empty it at this stage.

Clean small places and upholstery with Hose

For cleaning smaller spaces, upholstery, and stairs, you can rely on the hose and tools of Bissell Proheat. Before making use of tools, ensure the machine is in a fixed position. Pick the hose and accessory tools from the storage bag in the form of mesh.

Use tools to remove tough stains and spray the dirty area. Then turn the suction on to suck all the dirty solution. Do this process over small sections to get thorough cleaning results.

After cleaning, detach the tools and hose. Let them air dry well before putting them back in the storage bag. Wash the dirty water tank and rinse it properly with clean water.

Using Bare Floor Tool 

Adjust the bare floor tool to the nozzle and ensure you have unplugged the machine before attaching it. Rotate in a clockwise direction to fix it firmly.

Again fill the clean water inside the tank and add cleaner formula to shine the floor.

Turn on the express mode and the carpet cleaner.

Move it on the carpet with one wet round in forward and backward direction and one dry round in both directions.

After finishing it, remove the plug and bare floor tool. Rinse the tool with clean water and dry well before storing

Note: To minimize the fire or shock risks, always clean your floor with Bissell Bare Floor Tool along with Bissell Shine Hard Floor solution only.

Final words 

We hope this step-by-step guide will prove very helpful while using Bissell Proheat 2x. You can get your carpets cleaned even if you do not know how to use this carpet cleaner, but the result of cleaning won’t be pleasing. To get the best results, you must know how to do it correctly. This will save you time, machine as well as carpet.

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